Unicorn Chocolates bonbon making class

The first Unicorn Chocolates bonbon making class is almost here! So you know what to expect, here's a few thoughts I have that might be useful to go over first:

My goal for this class is for everyone to have a lot of fun making their own hand-painted bonbons. No previous experience or knowledge about chocolate or confectionary is required! After the class you should feel like you've got a great foundation to try making them on your own if you want to. Everyone will leave with one mold's worth of bonbons (32 pieces) of their own creation.

The class is scheduled from 6-9pm on Saturday 3/16. Feel free to arrive up to 15 minutes early to mingle, as we'll start the class right at 6. Since this is the first class, I'll do my best to keep us on time, but if things take longer than expected, we may go a little overtime if needed.

What to bring / wear: We are going to make a mess! :) Wear clothes you don't mind getting messy, and potentially a little stained. Bring an apron if you like! I'll provide nitrile gloves in various sizes for keeping your hands clean. I'll send everyone a "getting-started" guide with everything we go over sometime in the week following the class, but if you'd like to bring something to take notes, that's fine. There are times we'll need to open the window to bring in some cold air to help the chocolate crystalize a little faster, so you may want a sweatshirt / sweater / something a little warmer if you get cold. It could be in the low to mid 60's in parts of the kitchen at times.

What hands-on processes we'll be doing, exactly:

  • painting molds with colored cocoa butter
  • creating shells in the molds with chocolate (Solstice Wasatch 70% dark)
  • filling the shells with a variety of pre-made fillings
  • putting a "cap" (bottom) on the shells
  • removing the finished bonbons from the molds

I'll go over a variety of techniques and tools for decorating the molds. There will be bushes, sponges, and other tools available for your use. The only thing we won't be able to do is use the airbrush to spray a solid color into the molds as that is extremely loud and requires using respirators and eye protection. 

This class doesn't have time to cover making the fillings, so those will be pre-made, although I'll discuss the various filling I use and describe how they're made. There also won't be time for everyone to temper their own chocolate, but I'll discuss various tempering methods, what tempering is and why it's important, and demonstrate the (extremely fast!) method I use.

I don't have any trade secrets, so feel free to ask any questions at all. I'm an open book and love talking about all aspects of what we do.

Our house and kitchen are small, but I think we can fit everyone comfortably and have a great time. I look forward to meeting everyone!


And here's my address:

3351 Edward Way Holladay UT 84124