Our Story

family photo

We are a vegan chocolate-making family! What started as a fun hobby after taking a class from Ecole Chocolat has turned into a family business.

Growing up I remember every Christmas my mom would make chocolates to give to friends and neighbors, a gift that those in-the-know eagerly awaited each year. Decades later all four of her kids carry on the tradition. After enough friends raved and told us “you need to sell these,” we decided to sell them.

One day while discussing business name ideas, our 7-year-old (at the time) daughter Torah said, “You should call it Unicorn Chocolates.” That was it, end of discussion, we thought the name was perfect. Torah immediately went to work drawing a logo for the company.

In 2019 we adapted our recipes to be vegan. We love animals and the environment and want to do our part to grow our business sustainably and ethically. We designed our boxes with biodegradeability and recycling in mind. We are building a small commercial kitchen in our home so we can have proper licensing. In the meantime, while the business is still in “beta tasting,” we’re happy to sell a few to friends and early adopters.

Thank you for giving us a try and be sure to follow us on social media to hear about our latest adventures!


Torah's original drawing before we digitized and fine-tuned the coloring:

Graduation certificate from Ecole Chocolat: