2023 Holiday Collection Flavors

Yuzu: Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit similar to lemon or lime. This creme center is made with real imported organic yuzu juice and is tart and tangy and delicious!

Yuzu vegan chocolate

Mango Sticky Rice: This is a mango pâte de fruit paired with a rice and coconut creme. Patterned after a popular desert at many Thai restaurants, the creme center is made with rice and coconut milk.

mango sticky rice vegan chocolate

Passion Fruit Coconut: This has been a favorite for a few years, a passion fruit pâte de fruit paired with a coconut creme made with coconut milk.

passion fruit coconut vegan chocolate

Red Hot Peanut Butter: First introduced in last year's Valentine's Day collection, this is a hot cinnamon creme paired with a peanut gianduja.

red hot peanut butter vegan chocolate

Spumoni: Like the classic Italian ice cream combination, this has a maraschino cherry creme paired with a pistachio gianduja.

spumoni vegan chocolate

Peach Brown Sugar Bourbon: A peach pâte de fruit paired with a brown sugar creme with bourbon flavoring. Inspired by Salt Lake City's vegan Eats Bakery's amazing cinnamon rolls.

peach brown sugar bourbon vegan chocolate

Orange Cardamom: An orange creme generously spiced with cardamom. Inspired by a vegan ice cream we had on our summer trip to Glacier national park!

orange cardamom vegan chocolate

Strawberry Balsamic Fudge: A strawberry pâte de fruit paired with a chocolate fudge layer. The strawberry is flavored with a gentle note of balsamic vinegar.

strawberry balsamic vegan chocolate

Pecan Pie: A pecan pie flavored brown sugar creme paired with a pecan gianduja. Rich and deep.

pecan pie vegan chocolate

Ube: Ube is a variety of purple sweet potato often used in deserts in the Philippines. This ube-flavored creme is covered in Valrhona vegan milk chocolate which uses an almond base. 

ube vegan chocolate

Almond Creme: This almond flavored creme is sure to become a favorite for many. Great almond flavor backed with a healthy dose of vanilla beans. 

almond creme vegan chocolate

Butter Mint: This simple mint creme wins by not being overpowering on the minty flavor and includes a hint of butter.

butter mint vegan chocolate

Raspberry Jalapeño Cream Cheese: This is probably the most adventurous new flavor in the holiday collection. A raspberry pâte de fruit paired with a jalapeño and cream cheese flavored creme. Made with real jalapeño juice, it has a little bit of kick to it. Inspired by the classic hot pepper jelly and cream cheese pairing popular at holiday parties.

raspberry jalapeño cream cheese vegan chocolate

Pineapple: A flavor we haven't done for a few years, this pineapple creme uses powdered freeze dried pineapples to give it a great pineapple flavor.

pineapple vegan chocolate

Limonada de Coco: Inspired by a simple but popular drink in Colombia, this bonbon is a lime pâte de fruit paired with a coconut cream. Like a coconut limeade!

limonada de coco vegan chocolate

Rum Raisin: A classic and our daughter's all-time favorite, this is a brown sugar rum-flavored creme with a raisin in the middle. Inspired by a chocolate bar we got over a decade ago in Switzerland but were unable to find when back in the states, we wanted to recreate the flavor.

rum raisin vegan chocolate