2024 Spring Flavors

Pear Almond: Covered in an almond-based milk chocolate, this is a pear pâte de fruit paired (peared?) with an almond gianduja.

Cherry Fudge: A maraschino cherry creme with a layer of our dark chocolate fudge. 

Passion Fruit Coconut: An all-time favorite of many, this is a passion fruit pâte de fruit with a coconut creme.

Rum Raisin: Based on a chocolate bar we had over a decade ago in Switzerland, this is a rum-flavored creme made from dark brown sugar with a raisin in the middle.

Ube: Ube is a purple sweet potato! Popular in deserts in the Philippines, this flavor is gaining popularity here in the United States. This is an ube-flavored creme center. 

Peppered Strawberry Balsamic: Brand new for this collection, this is a creme center made from a strawberry purée with a hint of aged balsamic vinegar and spiced with a little freshly ground green peppercorn.

Black Currant Vanilla: A sweet and tart black currant pâte de fruit with a vanilla creme made with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans. 

Mint Brownie: This one is so obvious we can't believe we didn't do it years ago. A layer of our butter mint creme with a layer of our dark chocolate fudge. They go perfectly together!  

Mango Sticky Rice: A new favorite first introduced in last year's Holiday Collection, this is a mango pâte de fruit paired with a rice and coconut creme.  

Pabana: I kept seeing a "pabana" purée when buying my ingredients and wanted to make something with it. Pabana is a mix of passion fruit, banana, mango, and lemon. We paired it here with a lemon custard creme. Super fruity and fresh we love this new flavor!   

Cherry Bakewell Tart: Introduced in February's Valentine Collection, this is another new favorite that we just had to make again. A morello cherry pâte de fruit with an almond creme.  

Almond Creme: Just an almond creme. So simple and so delicious! This one is covered with the Valrhona almond-based milk chocolate.

Pistachio Banana: Brand new for this collection, this is a banana creme paired with a pistachio gianduja.  

Pomegranate Hibiscus: A creme made from pomegranate juice infused with hibiscus. 

Fig Cream Cheese: A fig pâte de fruit with a cream cheese creme. We've done a similar flavor before with a fig ganache instead of a pâte de fruit, and decided to switch it up this time for a little more fig flavor.

Horchata: A creme made from rice milk just like the popular Mexican beverage. Flavored with vanilla and a generous splash of cinnamon. Covered in Valrhona Amatika vegan milk chocolate.