Answers to some common questions about Unicorn Chocolates:

Q: How should we store chocolates and what is their shelf life?

A: Chocolate are kept best in a cool dry environment, between 60-70F. Room temperature is fine. Avoid putting them in the refrigerator. At room temperature our chocolates will last for at least six weeks, often longer. There is a conservative best by date on the bottom of the box.

Q: Can you ship?

A: We will ship via USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping in the winter months is easier because of the temperature, but we are now offering a cold pack shipping option for during warmer months. We will not ship when the weather gets so hot that our cold packs won't keep the chocolates from melting.

Q: What kind of chocolate do you use?

A: We use the highest quality chocolate we can get! We love to support local, and some of the best award-winning chocolate makers in the world are in Utah. We currently use dark chocolate from Solstice, mainly the 70% Wasatch blend. For the holiday 2022 collection we introduced our first vegan milk chocolate bonbons, using 46% Valrhona Amatika which is almond-based. 

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We began selling boxes of chocolates we make out of our home kitchen in the winter of 2020. What started as a hobby is slowly turning into a small family business. We are in the process of adding a small commercial kitchen onto our home so we can have proper licensing. In the meantime, we sell a few boxes to friends and "early adopters" over the holidays. :)

Q: Why are your chocolates vegan?

A: Because our family is vegan! We've adapted our family heirloom recipes in a way that no one would know are vegan. The flavors are as good or better than what non-vegans are familiar with. We avoid using any animal products at any point in the process. It's better for the animals, the environment, and better for us.

Q: Are your chocolates gluten-free?

A: They are not certified gluten-free. We do not use any products with gluten in them in our recipes, but they are not made in a gluten-free kitchen and we don't feel comfortable calling them gluten-free at this point.

Q: Are your chocolates organic?

A: They are not certified organic. We use all organic sugar, to make sure no bone char was used in the sugar making process, and many of our ingredients are organic. There are a few that are not that we don't have substitutes for yet. 

Q: Are your boxes recyclable?

A: Yes! Sustainability is important to us, and we try to think about that in all aspects of our process. We don't use any plastic in our boxes. Everything in the box except the paper candy cups can go in recycling. The paper candy cups however are too small to recycle and should be put in the trash.

Q: What's the story behind the name "Unicorn Chocolates"?

A: Our daughter Torah came up with the name for the company and also designed the unicorn logo when she was 7 years old!

Q: How do you make the designs on the chocolates?

A: These chocolate are made in molds. Before pouring the chocolate into the molds, they are decorated using colored cocoa butter. Decorations can be made with all sorts of tools, such as brushes, sponges, plastic wrap, a gloved finger, or whatever inspiration calls for. Each chocolate is decorated by hand, a unique piece of art.

Q: What types of fillings do you use?

A: We use a few different fillings. We often use an old-fashioned creme center, sometimes called fondant. This is different from what people call fondant on fancy cakes. We flavor the fondant with extracts, oils, or sometimes freeze dried powders. Another common filling is ganache, which is a mixture of chocolate, cream (coconut milk in our case), and other flavorings such as fruit pureé. A gianduja filling is a mixture of nut paste and chocolate. And a patê de fruit is like a firm fruit jelly made from pureé, sugar, and pectin.