Flavor Details

2022 Spring Flavors:

Butter Mint: Mint butter creme. This one reminds me of the after-dinner mints I'd get at restaurants as a kid. Mildly minty with buttery undertones.

Butter Mint

Passion Fruit Coconut: Passion fruit pâte de fruit with a coconut custard butter creme. 

Passion Fruit Coconut


Mexican Hot Chocolate: A dark chocolate ganache made with an oat creamer steeped in cinnamon, vanilla, and Chile de arbor. A nice smoky pepper flavor that brings a little heat in the aftertaste. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate


Mandarin Almond: A mandarin orange pâte de fruit paired with a dark chocolate almond gianduja. Like a chocolate orange, but better. 

Mandarin Almond

Vanilla Bean: A vanilla creme made with flavorful Madagascar vanilla beans. 

Vanilla Bean


Fig Cream Cheese: Fig pâte de fruit with a creme cheese butter creme. Inspired by an ice cream flavor in Prague.

Fig Cream Cheese


Spumoni: Cherry butter creme with a pistachio gianduja. Often a favorite, this one is inspired by the classic Italian ice cream desert.


Strawberry Lemonade: A strawberry pâte de fruit paired with a lemon creme with lemon zest. 

Strawberry Lemonade