Veggie Bouquet (local pickup)

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A bouquet of fresh vegetables perfect for Valentine's Day. Available to be picked up at our home anytime between 8AM - 8PM on Monday February 13th. Address will be provided in your confirmation email.

I don't have pictures yet since these are still being made, but here's some brief descriptions! (There's always a chance the final box will have changes if one of the flavors doesn't work out, but this is what we're planning on.)

Watermelon Creme: watermelon flavored creme center

Molasses: deep flavored molasses creme center with a hint of cinnamon and ginger

Apricot sesame: apricot creme with a black sesame gianduja 

Butter mint: a favorite of many, a soft butter mint creme

Cherry cheesecake: cherry pate de fruit with a cheesecake creme

Blackberry lemon custard: blackberry pate de fruit with a lemon custard creme

Concord grape: grape creme center 

banana creme: banana creme center

blood orange pistachio: blood orange pate de fruit with a pistachio gianduja

red hot peanut butter: hot cinnamon creme with a peanut butter gianduja

guava cashew: guava pate de fruit with a cashew gianduja

red velvet: red velvet creme (vegan milk chocolate shell)

spiced pear: pear pate de fruit with a cinnamon and clove creme

passion fruit coconut: passion fruit pate de fruit with a coconut creme

grapefruit almond: grapefruit pate de fruit with an almond creme

pina colada: pina colada pate de fruit with a brown sugar rum creme