Unicorn Collection (9-pieces)

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All orders placed by Saturday ship on the Monday following the order date. Please add the "cold pack shipping" product if temperatures are getting above 70F in your area. This 9-piece collection of some of our most popular chocolates includes Butter Mint, Blueberry Cheesecake, Ube, Mango Lime Tajín, Spumoni, Lemon Custard, Red Hot Peanut Butter, Rum Raisin, and Passion Fruit Coconut. Always vegan.


Butter mint: a favorite of many, a soft butter mint creme

Butter Mint bonbon


Blueberry cheesecake: blueberry pate de fruit with a cheesecake creme.

blueberry cheesecake bonbon


Ube: Ube flavored creme. Ube is a purple sweet potato and was popularized as a flavor in sweet dishes in the Philippines.

ube flavored bonbon


Mango lime tajín: a mango pâte de fruit with a lime creme and tajín seasoning. Tajin is a Mexican seasoning made with chili peppers. This one has a mild spice to it.

mango lime tajin flavored bonbon


Spumoni: cherry creme with a pistachio gianduja. 

spumoni flavored bonbon


Lemon custard: lemon custard flavored creme.

lemon custard flavored bonbon


Red hot peanut butter: hot cinnamon creme with a peanut butter gianduja.

red hot peanut butter bonbon


Rum raisin: a brown sugar creme with rum flavoring with a raisin in the middle.

rum raisin flavored bonbon


Passion fruit coconut: passion fruit pate de fruit with a coconut creme 

passion fruit coconut flavored bonbonb