16-piece Valentine's Day box (shipping)

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(only 3 of the new flavors are in the picture, I'm still making them. I'll update the photo when the boxes are complete!)

16 unique flavors including: watermelon creme, molasses, apricot sesame, butter mint, cherry cheesecake, blackberry lemon custard, concord grape, banana creme, blood orange pistachio, red hot peanut butter, guava cashew, red velvet, spiced pear, passion fruit coconut, grapefruit almond, and piña colada.

I don't have pictures yet since these are still being made, but here's some brief descriptions! (There's always a chance the final box will have changes if one of the flavors doesn't work out, but this is what we're planning on.)

Watermelon Creme: watermelon flavored creme center

Molasses: deep flavored molasses creme center with a hint of cinnamon and ginger

Apricot sesame: apricot creme with a black sesame gianduja 

Butter mint: a favorite of many, a soft butter mint creme

Cherry cheesecake: cherry pate de fruit with a cheesecake creme

Blackberry lemon custard: blackberry pate de fruit with a lemon custard creme

Concord grape: grape creme center 

banana creme: banana creme center

blood orange pistachio: blood orange pate de fruit with a pistachio gianduja

red hot peanut butter: hot cinnamon creme with a peanut butter gianduja

guava cashew: guava pate de fruit with a cashew gianduja

red velvet: red velvet creme (vegan milk chocolate shell)

spiced pear: pear pate de fruit with a cinnamon and clove creme

passion fruit coconut: passion fruit pate de fruit with a coconut creme

grapefruit almond: grapefruit pate de fruit with an almond creme

pina colada: pina colada pate de fruit with a brown sugar rum creme