Business License

The sticker on the bottom of our boxes says, "Processed and prepared without state or local inspection." What does this mean?

Under Utah state law HB 181, certain foods can be sold without state licensing and inspection under the guideline that the seller is transparent with the buyer that they have not been inspected or licensed by the state. 

As a very small business this is a great way to get started without the overhead and difficulty of complying with codes for commercial or cottage kitchens. Our goal in this startup phase is to fine-tune our chocolates and processes from our home kitchen while we work on the construction of a properly licensed commercial kitchen at our home. We've got the design and engineering plans and are in the process of finding a contractor now! But with pandemic supply chain issues, the timing of completion is probably still more than a year away.

We do have a business license and we do pay taxes and submit sales tax as well.